Bahrain School

BISA dormitory serves the Bahrain Elementary and High School which is a U.S Department of Defence Facility shared with the local and expatriate community. The aim of the Dormitory is to provide a safe, happy and harmonious home-away-from-home, where students can develop both academically and personally. Whilst the Dormitory is situated on the campus of Bahrain School it is not directly connected to the US Department of Defense. It is supported by BISA, the Bahrain International School Association, a non-profit organisation. The Dormitory provides accommodation for up to 52 girls and 64 boys from grades 8 through 12.

Dormitory Reception

Spacious and attractively decorated, the Dormitory combines basic necessities with modern conveniences. Boys and girls live in separate wings on both sides of the main reception area, and each wing has its own comfortable lounge, well-supplied kitchen area and laundry rooms. Bedrooms are designed to accommodate two students but when possible students are allocated rooms of their own. All bedrooms have Wireless Internet connections. Dormitory students also enjoy a large study hall and computer room, co-ed lounge and recreation room.

Dormitory Reception

From our Chairman

Dear Parents and Students,

A dormitory is a very close-knit community within which many friendships are formed which often last for many years into adulthood. For a lot of our students the dormitory years mark the beginning of reduced dependence on parents and increasing self-reliance. The parents of the students who live in the dormitory rely on the dormitory staff to guide and support their sons and daughters through this period in transition.

The House Parents, teachers, administrators and other staff are fully committed to helping students make a smooth adjustment to boarding life and to ensure that the time they spend at the Bahrain School is happy and successful both academically and socially.

A handbook has been written to give parents and students some guidance as to what life in the dormitory will be like and to advise you of some of our expectations. It is also important that you read the school brochure and the parent/student handbook so that you can have a clear picture of the whole school. Dormitory staff will supply additional and more detailed information as necessary.

The aim of the dormitory is to provide a safe, happy and harmonious home-away-from-home in which students can grow academically and personally. When a student enrols into the dormitory that student is agreeing to become part of the community and to be active in helping to achieve a trusting atmosphere in which all members of the community can thrive. To be able to accomplish this, students must show consideration for the welfare of other boarders and for the adults and their families who live in the dormitory community with them. This experience of living in such a community may provide one of the most important lessons that a young person learns in his/her life.

If you have any questions or comments about life in the BISA Dormitory, please do not hesitate to telephone or visit us.

To the students we extend a warm welcome and look forward to your arrival. To the parents we offer our assurance that we will do our utmost to enrich the lives of, and care for and protect your most precious gifts - your children.

Mohammed Al Khateeb Sincerely
Mohammed Al Khateeb


  • 62 Rooms with separate Boys and Girls Wings
  • Dormitory Room
  • Separate Boys and Girls Lounges
  • Dormitory Lounge
  • Study Hall
  • Study Hall
  • Co-Ed Recreation Room
  • Recreation Room
  • Co-Ed Lounge
  • Dormitory Lounge
  • Separate Boys and Girls Kitchens
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Wireless Internet Access


Dining Room

Professional catering is provided by the Bahrain Family Leisure Company. Special Diets can be catered for.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks including Fresh Fruit


Dormitory Transport

Although the boarding school is a seven day operation, student's have the choice to travel home for weekends. Those students travelling by air are provided with free drop off and pick up to the Bahrain International Airport.

Students living in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia may use tranport supplied through the dormitory by Bahrain Limo Company. The cost of this service is additional to the fees. Transport is provided to various Aramco camps including Dhahran, Abqaiq, Ras Tanura and Udhailiyah. Students living outside Aramco are dropped at the Holiday Inn Hotel on Old Airport Road, Al Khobar.

During the term, transport within Bahrain for various activities is provided by the Dormitory using two 14 seater mini-buses. These are driven by both houseparents and two full-time drivers when appropriate.


Dormitory Staff

BISA takes pride in the valuable Dormitory Personnel who ensure a safe and supportive environment, providing the social and personal needs of boarders. Staff are recruited solely for employment in the dormitory and do not have jobs elsewhere.

The Dormitory Director is responsible for the everyday aspects of Dormitory life; oversees the resident House Parents, some of who are experienced teachers, and various administrative staff. House Parents see themselves not only as supervisors but also as surrogate parents, counselors and teachers. This leads to a strong family and community feeling..

Health Care


The Dormitory has two fully qualified nurses providing 24 hour nursing care for the students. We can care for students with most medical conditions. We control and issue basic and prescribed medications.

In addition private health care is available through the American Mission Hospital (AMH) with a preferential insurance policy.

AMH has provided modern medical services to the residents of Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf for more than 100 years. As a nonprofit hospital, AMH provides modern medical care on a not-for-profit basis for more than 100,000 outpatients every year.


Sports Field

Daily activities are organised for the students.

Use is made of the school's FIFA Approved Soccer Field, IAAF Running Track, Weights Room, Floodlit Tennis Courts, Gymnasium and Swimming Pool, where popular sports include soccer, basketball, volleyball, basketball and spinning.

Sports Hall

Trips are also arranged off-campus and these include visits to the Water Parks, Marina and Yacht Clubs. Some of the more popular activities include Surfing Lessons, Jet Skiing, Banana Boating, Beach Volleyball and Dolphin Watching.

Swimming Pool

We make regular trips to the many Shopping Malls and Cinemas and whenever possible we try to attend Exhibitions including University and College Fairs, Book Fairs and Trade Fairs.

Other off campus activities include Ice skating, Laser tag and Go-Karting.

On special occassions we will arrange dinners, dances and visit live shows.

Dormitory Dinner


BISA Dormitory

BISA Dormitory
PO Box 24231
Kingdom of Bahrain
Telephone Number: +973 17729926
Fax number: +973 17729570

E-mail address:

Dormitory Director
E-mail address:

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Physical Address

Gate 103
Juffair Avenue
Manama Town 342
Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone Number: +973 17729926

When proceeding down Juffair Avenue the entrance to the dormitory is on the right immedately after the speed bump. It is a requirement to have a photo ID to gain access to the campus. If at all possible please call or email in advance with your personal and vehicle details so that we can arrange speedy access.

Arrange a visit

We are pleased to arrange for you to visit the dormitory and school. This will give you an opportunity to meet us and see the facilities that are available. We are available seven days a week at your convenience.

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